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Lea Mitchell
October 17, 2023
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4 min read

Making compliments in English | Making someone's day

Compliments can make a big difference in someone's day. Learning how to give them effectively in English is a useful skill. Keep reading to learn more.
Making compliments in English | Making someone's day

Making compliments in English | Making someone's day

Compliments have the incredible power to uplift and make someone's day brighter. Whether it's acknowledging a child's success in school or praising a colleague's impressive project, knowing how to compliment others in English is a valuable skill.

In this article, we'll explore various ways to offer compliments in English, highlighting examples that you can use in different situations.

Complimenting achievements and skills

When someone accomplishes something remarkable, it's important to celebrate their success. In English, you can express your admiration and appreciation through phrases like "Good job!" or "Well done!" These simple yet powerful words can make someone feel recognized and valued for their efforts.

Man saying 'good job'

If you want to get more specific with your praise (and you should), hone in on the individual’s skills or achievements. Did someone create an artwork that took your breath away? Tell them, "I admire your artwork." Saw a basketball player nailing those three-pointers? Go ahead and say, "You're an awesome basketball player!"

When someone delivers an outstanding presentation or showcases exceptional writing skills, let them know by saying, "Your presentation was amazing," or "I'm so impressed with your writing." These compliments not only acknowledge their abilities but also show genuine appreciation for their hard work.

Complimenting appearance

Complimenting someone's appearance is a way to make them feel good about themselves. English provides a variety of phrases to express admiration for someone's looks. You can say, "You look great," "You look wonderful," or "You look stunning." These compliments are perfect for boosting someone's confidence and brightening their day.

Woman complimenting someone

When complimenting a male, it is common to use the phrase "You look so handsome." Similarly, when addressing a female, you can say, "You look so pretty" or "You look gorgeous." Adding specific details to your compliments can make them even more meaningful.

For example, you can praise someone's new haircut, mention their lovely eyes, or highlight their nice smile. By being specific, you demonstrate a genuine interest in the person and their appearance.

Expressions to make someone's day

Apart from the said examples, there are more expressions you can use to make someone's day even brighter. These additional compliments can leave a lasting impact on the person you're complimenting.


  • "You're always so well put together"
  • "You have a great sense of style"
  • "You have such a striking presence"
  • "You have a magnetic personality"
  • "You radiate confidence"
  • "You're so photogenic"
  • "You're glowing today"
  • "Your smile lights up the room"


Remember, sprinkling these genuine compliments can make a huge difference in someone's day.

Man sprinkling confetti

Kind words, recognition, and encouragement

Besides giving compliments, never underestimate the power of kind words, recognition, and a good old pep talk. Positive feedback and affirmation can go a long way in boosting someone's confidence and well-being.

When you notice someone's hard work or achievements, make sure to acknowledge them with kind words. For example, you can say, "I want to recognize your dedication and effort in completing this project. It's truly impressive." Such recognition shows that you value their contributions and encourages them to continue their good work.

Woman visibly impressed

Furthermore, offering words of encouragement can motivate and inspire others. For instance, if someone is facing a challenge, you can say, "I believe in your abilities. You've got this!" or "Don't give up. You're making great progress." These words provide support and instill confidence in the person, helping them overcome obstacles and reach their goals.

Taboos: complimenting with sensitivity

While complimenting others is generally considered a polite gesture, it's important to be mindful of certain taboos when complimenting someone in English, especially in Western culture.

Avoid complimenting someone's physical appearance in a professional setting. While it may be acceptable to compliment a colleague's outfit or hairstyle, commenting on their body shape, weight, or physical features is generally considered inappropriate.

Man wagging his finger 'no'

It's also crucial to avoid using overly familiar or flirtatious language when complimenting someone. While it's acceptable to compliment someone on their work or achievements, it's important to keep the language respectful and professional.

Beware of backhanded compliments, which are compliments that are often insulting. For example, saying "You look great for your age" implies that looking good is unusual for someone of that age.

Similarly, saying "You look great! Have you lost weight?" suggests that the person looked worse before they lost weight. It's best to avoid these types of compliments altogether.

Complimenting new items and decorations

To compliment someone on a new item, such as a car or a dress, you can say, "Wow! Your car looks amazing!" or "That's a great-looking dress!" These compliments acknowledge the person's taste and show excitement about their new possession.

Woman giving a kind compliment

If you notice the ambiance of their home, acknowledge it! When complimenting someone's home, you can say, "I love your home" or "What a lovely home you have." If the space is particularly inviting, you can mention that by saying, "Your house is so inviting."

Similarly, if the atmosphere is warm and comfortable, you can express that by saying, "It's so cozy in here." Additionally, if the home is spacious, you can compliment it by saying, "It's so roomy and spacious." These compliments demonstrate appreciation for the person's living environment.

You can also compliment specific decorations or items in the house. For example, you can say, "I love the decor" or "I love the decor here. Did you do this all yourself?" This not only praises the overall ambiance but also recognizes the effort and creativity the person has put into designing their space.

Woman walking around house impressed

Offering compliments in English is a wonderful way to brighten someone's day and show appreciation for their achievements, appearance, or belongings. Be genuine and specific in your compliments, avoiding any taboos or backhanded compliments that may unintentionally offend someone.

By using these expressions, along with kind words, recognition, encouragement, and positive feedback, you'll be able to spread positivity and make others feel valued and appreciated. Remember, with the power of compliments, you’re not just making someone’s day; sometimes, you might be making their whole week!