Not sure if you’ve got a bad case
of Denglisch? Just paste the link to
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We’re very well aware that Switzerland has a few state languages. And we know that a lot of folks around here are multilingual. However, many of the people still wish they could communicate in English as confidently as they do in German. We’re here to help everyone accomplish just that.

Unlocking the full potential of the region

Coming to you from New York City
and built specifically for German speakers,

we are here to help you say what you
mean authentically and effectively.

Not sure if you’ve got a bad case
of Denglisch? Just paste the link to
your website and let our Docs
examine it for you. It’s absolutely FREE.

Your Denglisch ends
with Denglisch Docs.

Your Daily Dose of Denglisch Docs
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Editing, translation, and copywriting services
for businesses and organizations who value quality
and authentic English across their marketing content

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A free remote program that allows high schoolers
from the D-A-CH-LI region and the US to engage
in meaningful, intercultural exchange

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Your English language learning lab
where our pros can help you find your gift of gab

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Our editing and translation services for job seekers,
university applicants, students, and academics
where our Docs take care of your docs

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The world of edutainment designed specifically
for German speakers where you overcome Denglisch
while having fun

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Your visual dictionary,
where a picture is worth a thousand words

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Something great is in the making!
All we can say now is that it's going to shake up
the way you use dictionaries. Stay tuned!

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We’ve got something amazing in the works.
Can’t tell you everything just yet, but it will
transform the way people learn languages.

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Got an idea?

We’re always trying to come up with new
to help German speakers
master the English language. If you
have an idea you'd like us to work on,
feel free to share it with us.

English book
Easier than you think

Speaking English is a new normal and learning it
has never been easier. Just follow the practical
steps in this casual, concise, yet comprehensive
guide to becoming a new, bilingual you.

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children children children

We donate every single penny earned
from the book to orphaned children
around the world. Not 95, not 98 -
100% will be donated to kids.

Use your newfound voice
to empower others

As you strengthen your voice in English by using our solutions,
you empower those whose voices are never heard –
orphaned and neglected children in impoverished countries.

children children
children children

We are striving to build a healthy organization on a solid foundation
by adopting the one-for-one model. Every time you use one of our solutions,
you support and empower one of those disadvantaged kids.

Thanks to people like you and believers in our vision, here at Denglisch Docs,
we are building a community of like-minded people who are driven by the dream
to pay it forward and support those kids who are overlooked and often abused.

Make your newfound voice count.

Trusted by enterprises
Endorsed by professionals
Because being proficient in English comes with many
advantages and offers a wide range of benefits.
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  • Improved job opportunities and career advancement

  • Increased participation in international business and commerce

  • Improved ability to collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds

  • Better travel experiences and improved ability to communicate while traveling

  • Improved ability to create meaningful connections with people from different cultures

  • Improved ability to understand online content and a vast amount of resources and information

  • Wider reach for online content creators

  • Better understanding of instructional materials and tutorials

  • Limitless opportunities to learn new approaches and techniques in every field

  • Expansion outside of one’s cultural and professional bubbles

  • Significantly increased earning potential in a global job market

  • Almost immediate solution to the shortage of skilled labor and professionals in the D-A-CH-LI region

  • Increased diversity and better inclusion of people who don’t speak German yet

  • Greater cultural understanding and appreciation

  • Improved cognitive development and abilities

  • Improved comprehension skills

  • Better understanding of one's own language

  • Improved ability to learn additional languages

  • Wider reach for authors and scientists

  • Increased participation in entertainment industry and professional sports

  • Improved understanding of international news and current events

  • Enhanced ability to enjoy literature, films, and other forms of media from other countries

  • Wider range of higher education opportunities around the world

  • More effective ability to study and conduct research

  • Improved ability to understand scientific and technical materials

  • More active and effective participation in international conferences and meetings

  • Ease of working with international clients or customers

  • Enhanced ability to negotiate and close deals

  • Greater opportunities to network and forge partnerships

  • Newfound opportunities for companies and their products to access the global market

  • Ease of emigration to another country

  • Improved ability to work abroad and compete on the world stage

  • More effective collaboration in international contexts of politics, business, and science

  • Greater precision when expressing oneself

  • Better chance of being understood and recognized around the world

  • Greater self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Increased sense of belonging to a global community

Why now?
Because the increasing pace of our dynamic and rapidly
changing world requires of people to have a strong
command of the English language.
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  • Unstoppable globalization across all fields, particularly in science, business, and culture:

    With the increasing interconnectedness of the world, the ability to speak English has become indispensable for effective international communication and collaboration.

  • Economic benefits:

    The global economy is becoming increasingly interconnected, and fluency in English can give people and companies an advantage in the global market.

  • Educational benefits:

    English is widely used in higher education and research, and English proficiency gives students and researchers access to a wider range of education and research opportunities.

  • Technological innovation:

    English is the language of technology and the internet, and important resources on countless innovations and technologies are in English.

  • Changing demographics:

    As the number of English-speaking immigrants and refugees increases, it is vital to be able to communicate with them.

  • Cultural exchange:

    With the world becoming more interconnected, being able to communicate in English gives people the opportunity to engage with different cultures and societies on a deeper level.

  • Increased mobility:

    Speaking English makes it easier for people to travel, work, and study abroad, which is especially beneficial as moving around has become more affordable.

  • Increased availability of free online communication tools:

    WhatsApp, Zoom, Viber, and Skype have erased the borders and are just a few among hundreds of free tools that the global community uses to stay connected, often in English.

  • Improved employability:

    The ability to speak English can greatly increase employability in a wide range of fields and industries.

  • Solution to scarcity of skilled labor:

    Allowing English-speaking professionals to participate in the economy of the D-A-CH-LI region without the precondition of being proficient in German will effectively eliminate the scarcity of skilled workers.

  • Remote work:

    COVID-19 has made remote work the new normal, enabling us to work at any company around the globe and opening up a world of job opportunities, particularly for those who speak English fluently and confidently.

  • Higher flexibility in the face of a pandemic, such as COVID-19:

    With diseases eliminating millions of jobs, speaking English allows people to stay flexible with regard to learning new skills quickly and having better opportunities in the global job market.

  • Tense international relations:

    English is widely spoken in international contexts, making it indispensable for diplomacy and international relations, especially in these times of globalization, digitalization, and geopolitical tensions.

  • The advent of AI and rapid innovation:

    As artificial intelligence changes economies and makes the world more fast-paced than ever, English will be crucial for staying up to date and keeping up with technological progress.

  • Rapidly growing amount of information and resources:

    Educational and informational content is produced faster than ever, especially in English, which makes English proficiency essential to accessing and understanding this content.

  • Global cultural transformation:

    As English is the language of the internet, countless books, films, and music, understanding the English language enriches people’s lives and allows them to be active members of this new global culture.

  • Recognizing commonalities and similarities:

    As the world is becoming more interconnected, English has shown us how many values we share and how much we all actually have in common, thus bringing us closer than ever.

  • Urgent and dire need to reverse unsustainable practices and ways of living:

    As the internet and the shared English language have made us more aware of the political, ecological, and human crises around the world, it’s up to us to unite in action by means of a common language to work toward a better world together.

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